11+ preparations

Exact Tutor find out the potential of every student and work on them accordingly. We are keen to apply the most appropriate way of teaching for every individual we think are good enough to have a chance of Grammar school. Generally, our advise to start planning for tutoring by the autumn term of year 5, especially as all exams now happen early in the autumn term of year 6. This allows plenty of time to prepare, to secure knowledge and skills as well as perfect exam techniques.

With the exams happening at the beginning of the school year, it also means that children benefit from a steady development of their skills and knowledge rather than last minute cramming. It means that the summer holiday is not fraught with exam preparation. Depending upon holiday arrangements, families have either continued some tutoring through the summer or just have a top up revision and refresh in late August or early September before the exams.

Local knowledge of 11 plus requirements

There are 14 local authorities in the UK with selective grammar schools with different arrangements in each area and in each school. To find out more about how we can help, please call our team today on 02037308593 who will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and help you find a suitable tutor.