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Exact tutor has experienced academic to select the right tutors for you. It’s a very easy and quick process to reach any tutor through us.

Email us your queries mentioning your desire, we will find the right tutor for you.

Our tutors are comparatively cheaper and we don’t charge anything to find for you.


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By emailing or calling us you can receive a number of tutor’s profile. You can go through all and select your right one.


  • Just call us to discuss any question.
  • Discuss lesson scheduling
  • Book for any specific topic
  • Know about us from our previous students


Fees For Finding Tutors


We don’t charge any ongoing commission for finding tutors for you. We will charge only £9.99 (It’s FREE now) one off to find the tutor for you.

Many of our tutors are ready to allow 50% discount for their first lesson. So grab that opportunity.

No sign up fees. You can register online for FREE for your tutors.


Exact Tutor (Average Price) Other Agencies (average price)

Finder’s Fee £9.99 £0 – £60

12*1 hour lessons £240 £480 – £720

Total (12 Hours Lessons) £249.99 £480 -£780

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